What is Greenhouse?

Getting access to the Greenhouse will allow you to build hotbeds and hothouses. With these beds you can grow heat-loving plants such as pepper, strawberries, melons and cucumbers. Increasing Greenhouse’s level will let you build more hotbeds and hothouses and get more harvest as a result. 

Some grass is growing in my hotbed. What does it mean?

Hotbeds and hothouses have a reserve of durability. When the reserve of durability reaches zero, a structure becomes unavailable and its appearance changes — the grass you see means that the structure has run out of its reserve. To restore it, hover your cursor over the structure and use the tooltip you’ll see. 

Please note that hotbeds and hothouses can become partly unavailable. For example, when a Hothouse’s reserve of durability reaches 1, only one of the beds inside it will be available for  you — the other 3 will be covered with grass.

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