During the battle I've suddenly got Defeat window. What's wrong?

Under Control is very demanding to the stability of the Internet connection, since all battles take place in real time.

Most often, the defeat window will pop up (before the end of the battle) if you or a person on your team lost Internet connection or had a lag. Also, similar issues during a game may be caused by:

  • Router configuration;
  • Network congestion;
  • Using a proxy/VPN, etc.;
  • Certain software (anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking plugin for your browser, etc);
  • Limited access to the Internet at the workplace;

PLEASE NOTE! If you constantly encounter issues with battle crashes or battle loading problems and the above mentioned troubleshooting steps do not solve them, then please submit a report to our support team. Make sure you accompany it with a screenshot showing your in-game ID (which can be found just under the game window), your system time at the bottom of your screen and the game console that can be opened with Ctrl+Shift+Enter key combination.

Please provide us with all the details possible. If you do not provide info on the issue in the first report, it will be requested by support team agents anyway, and the investigation of your issue will probably be delayed. Please note, that troops losses reimbursement requires screenshots and thorough report as stated above.

Here is an example of the screenshot that should be attached to your support request.

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