Creating a clan

In order to join an existing clan or create a new one, you first need to build a Radio Tower. To get the ability to construct that building, you need to reach Level 10. Radio Tower can only be built near your Command Center.

As soon as the construction is completed, the game will launch a tutorial telling you about the basics of clan gameplay. You will then be able to see all the clans you can join, as well as to create your own. The game will let you choose a name and a flag for your clan.


Clan roles

This feature gives each clan member a certain role, based on their experience and the choice of the clan leader. Here are the roles:

  • Commander — clan’s leader. This rank is issued to the player who created the clan. He can manage the list of clan members, adding and removing players, and appoint Veterans.
  • Veteran —commander’s assistant. Can see the requests for joining the clan and approve them, as well as remove Grunts and Rookies from the clan.
  • Grunt — standard position in a clan.
  • Rookie — beginner position in a clan. All players are Rookies by default when joining a clan.

Here are things that are specific to the Rookie role:

  • During clan wars, Rookies can only participate in 1vs1 fights.
  • Battle won by a Rookie in clan wars do not give any points to his or her clan.
  • Rookies do not receive rewards that are given for completing a clan war season.
  • Rookies do not receive rewards for the last finished Wastelands Clearing event.
  • Rookie role is automatically changed to Grunt after finishing the current clan war season


Entering the clan

A clan leader can set minimum rank and rating requirements for those who want to join his or her clan. In addition to that, the leader can choose between 3 different modes of accepting new players to a clan:

  • Open — Any player meeting the clan’s requirements can join. Clan leader can also invite players manually.
  • By application — Any player meeting the clan’s requirements can apply for joining the clan. The leader can accept or deny every request. Clan leader can also invite players manually.
  • Closed — There is no way to apply for joining a clan. The only way to join a clan with this setting is to be invited by its leader.


Clan achievements

Radio Tower features a tab with clan achievements which can be issued to a clan for completing various tasks and requirements. By getting an achievement  the clan also gets a permanent increase to its influence which is required for capturing cities.


Clan presents

Any clan member can request a special gift from his or her clanmates every 8 hours. This can be a pack of blueprints, some resources, a support unit, a squad of basic or elite troops, a specialist, some data chips or the operation plans. If a required number of clan members reacts to the request, the gift will be successfully sent to the recipient. The better the present, the more clanmates will need to react to the request for it to be sent out.

Requesting gifts and reacting to clanmates’ requests is completely free and can be done in a special tab of the clan’s interface. Even better, you do not need to spend any of your resources or items to help your clanmate get a gift — the only thing needed is your vote.


Additional information

  • A clan can consist of no more than 21 players
  • Choose your clan name wisely — clans with names containing words or phrases violation of the Game Rules will be renamed or disbanded.


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