What are Clan Wars?

After joining a clan you can participate in "Clan Wars". Team up with your allies and fight other clans in 1x1, 2x2 and 3x3 battles!
Each win grants you a certain amount of Glory points that are required to advance your technology and battle skills:
• 1x1 win — 1 Glory point
• 2x2 win — 2 Glory points
• 3x3 win — 3 Glory points
Each day the results of Clan Wars are announces, and top 20 clans that earned the largest amount of Glory points get a special reward: Artifacts. This reward will be distributed to all members of the clan who participated in at least 1 Clan Battle this day.
Additionally, first Clan War win awards you with an extra Artifact, and scoring 5 Clan War wins grants you 5 Artifacts.
You can check the Artifacts available to you in the Psi-generator in your base. 

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