I lost gold / troops!

Participating in battles and completing missions implies losing parts of your army, but sometimes your troops seem to disappear with no reason. Let's find out what might cause that:

  • Losing a battle. When a battle is lost, all of your troops that were chosen for battle are considered "spent" and do not return to the base. If you were defeated, you'll lose _all_ of your troops, not just those who were deployed on the battlefield.
  • Exceeding the time limit while waiting for battle. When the game starts searching for an opponent for you, a dedicated timer starts going. If the timer reached 0, but the system didn't find an appropriate opponent for you, the battle doesn't start. The troops you've chosen for battle _do_ return to your base, but it takes some time for them to reach it: it might take up to *1 hour*. If you don't see the troops you've chosen on your base, they might still be on their way :)
  • Mistake while choosing troops. All in-game operations, be it production of troops or harvesting of resources, is handled by the game server. It's impossible to lose anything in "Under Control" without any player action. A simple mistake while playing might cause the loss of troops — in most cases the player himself presses the wrong button!

Please, be careful when you perform important actions in-game, such as production and troop deployment!
If you think that you've lost something in-game and you have nothing to do with this, please contact our Support team and we'll sort it out.

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