How do you upgrade soldiers, vehicles and support troops?

The enemy is on high alert: every day, they are growing stronger and their weaponry becomes ever more up-to-date. So you need to keep up with the latest military developments and improve your combat techniques. You can only repel Specter by upgrading your troops at the right time!

Soldiers and vehicles are upgraded at the Command Center. The upgrades can be of the following types: 

  1. Stats improvement. You can improve three in-game stats: hit points/armor points, damage to infantry and damage to vehicles. 
  2. Equipment improvement. In-game equipment is arranged in the form of a development tree where you can subsequently purchase various upgrades for your troops. For instance: the RP-101 Mk. 1 Machine Gun for Machine Gunners that increases the damage done to infantry by 6 points. 
  3. Abilities. 4 abilities are available for each type of troops. For instance: the R-1 Combat Grenade for Trooper deals 16 damage to infantry and 580 damage to vehicles.

As for the support units, they are upgraded in the Research Facility building. There are two types of upgrades:

  1. Basic parameters. There are two characteristics available for upgrade here: damage to infantry and damage to vehicles.
  2. Additional Upgrades that are unique for each of the support units.

IMPORTANT: Successful install of the Additional Upgrades is not guaranteed. The success depends on the so-called "Research Chance".

If the research is successful, you get the upgrade. If it's not, you get nothing. In such cases the money spent for the upgrade is not returned. To increase the Research Chance, purchase Additional Upgrades with gold.

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