I saw an advertisement of someone selling cheats for Under Control. Are there really cheats in your game?

First of all, we assure you that there is no way to gain an advantage in a fight / programs to receive an infinite number of resources, etc.! The server is responsible for all operations in Under Control! For example, if you want 1000 Gold to appear on your account, the server must receive a specific signal. Since there is no outside access to the server, there can be no cheats for our game. 
There are many programs in the Internet that can change just the visual number of resources in an active session, but it must be understood that this is only a VISUAL gain. They will not buy anything (because the server has not received a signal that resources have increased), and after refreshing the page, the number of resources will be the same as before.
We strongly recommend that you do not use such software, because it may contain viruses that can cause your computer to malfunction.

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