The game won’t load. What do I do?

There could be a variety of issues preventing the game from loading – current maintenance, for example. If you’ve already visited the official "Dungeon Brawlers Fans" group but didn’t see a message about maintenance, you might be experiencing some technical difficulties. First you should determine during which phase of the download the problem is occurring. If the download bar freezes near 54%, clear your browser cache. You can find more information about clearing your browser cache here
If all you see when launching the game is a black screen and nothing else happens, the problem may be your antivirus program. Please disable it (or add "Dungeon Brawlers" to the exclusion list) and try launching the game again.
If the game won’t load but none of the above suggestions applies, the following might help:
- Refresh the game page;
- Clear your browser cache;
- Update your browser to the latest version;
- Log in to the game from a different browser;
- Update Adobe Flash Player;
- Disable your antivirus before launching the game;
- Restart your wireless router;
- Try launching the game on another computer.
If none of the above actions help, please submit a request to our tech support team.

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