To recruit a new hero, you must complete certain quests from the main storyline to unlock them first. You also need 3 Contracts.

The heroes are skilled in battle and will fight on their own. Your task is to help the brave warriors with magic and provide them with artifacts at critical moments to remove curses from them and heal their wounds. In tournaments, you can choose your own best warriors for the situation and send them out into battle.

Which hero is the strongest? There’s no answer to the question – none is the strongest. Each hero has a specific set of stats and abilities that make him unique and useful.
You can always upgrade your heroes’ equipment and improve their skills in the Craftsmen’s Guild.
You can also buy Relics in the Craftsmen’s Guild. Relics are rare but very useful items that boost your heroes’ stats. When you buy Relics, all heroes of the associated class gain bonuses from it.

Whenever a hero falls on the battlefield, you can heal him with Life Stones.

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