To get resources without waiting for them to be produced in specialized buildings, or to complete certain objectives and increase your ranking (read more about this in the “Ranking” section), you can attack other players in PvP mode.

Two PvP modes are available: you can either attack an enemy base or an enemy fleet. 


When attacking an enemy base or fleet, your goal is to destroy the other player’s troops. If you win, you get a portion of the enemy’s resources and ranking.

When an enemy attacks you in PvP, the attacking player goes up against the troops that are defending your base or fleet.

Your colony is automatically defended without your direct involvement.

If your defenses are defeated in battle against another player, that player takes a portion of your resources and ranking.

To enhance your colony’s defenses, upgrade your units. Your defense squad is made up of the types of troops available to you, but you (in contrast to the attacking player) do not lose the soldiers that defend your base or fleet. Also, your base will be defended even if you do not have any trained soldiers at all at the moment of the attack.

Aside from defenses, you can protect your resources by building a Bunker. 


The amount of resources protected against attacks by other players depends on the level of your bunker. Upgrade your bunker to guarantee that your resources will be protected! 

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