Credits and data


Credits are in-game currency that you can spend to speed up construction and research, obtain support in combat missions, and get other premium services.
Credits are distributed as rewards for completing series of objectives and for finishing levels, and they can also be collected at your Base using a Tax Robot. The number of credits collected at the Base depends on the number of residents in your colony.
You can also increase your credit supply at the in-game store.


Data is required to upgrade soldiers, buildings, and munitions, as well as to occupy territory. You will encounter the following types of data in the game:

  • genetic data required to upgrade soldiers

  • construction data for upgrading structures

  • research data for upgrading munitions you already have

  • geological survey data that will help you occupy new territory

Data can be requested from friends or obtained from scientists in your colony. To obtain data from scientists, build a Laboratory.
To request data, do the following:

  • in a window where a certain type of data is shown as a requirement, click “Request” 


  • in the window that appears, choose the friends to whom your request for help will be sent.

If a friend has not installed the game yet, instead of the blue “Request” button there will be a green “Invite” button under your friend’s avatar.


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