To build and upgrade buildings, train soldiers, occupy territory, produce munitions, obtain access to various objectives, etc., you need resources: metal, crystallite, cordite, and fuel. 


You can get resources instantly by attacking other players in PvP mode or by ordering them in special buildings in your colony, then waiting the required amount of time before they are ready.

To produce resources, you need to fill out an order contract. Different contracts have different production times, so the amount of resources produced during that time will also vary. 


Each resource is produced in a separate building. Metal is mined using the Drilling Platform, crystallite is produced in the Crystallite Mine, cordite is found in the Mining Platform, and fuel is distilled at the Fuel Station. These production buildings can also be upgraded, which increases their efficiency and therefore the amount of resources they produce.

Resources are stored in their respective warehouses. The amount of resources you can store in each warehouse depends on the capacity of the warehouse. To see the capacity of a warehouse, mouse over the picture of the resource in the upper right corner. To increase the capacity of a warehouse, build a metal warehouse or crystallite warehouse. 

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