To participate in battle missions, you need troops. Troops come from recruits, the people you train to obtain battle-ready soldiers (units).

To train soldiers (units), build a Tactical Headquarters, Reliquary, or Sanctum. In the window that appears you will see the number of recruits available to you and the amount of resources needed to train various types of soldiers, as well as unit levels and numbers of units.


Recruits sign up on a regular basis on their own at the Tactical Headquarters, Reliquary, and Sanctum. You can also get recruits as a reward for completing a series of objectives and or buy them at the Tactical Headquarters, Reliquary, and Sanctum for credits (you can learn more about this in the “Credits” section).

Note that units you deploy on combat missions do not return to your base!

To upgrade your units, open the Genetic Module of the division whose units you want to upgrade. In the window that appears, choose the unit you need and the stat you want to upgrade. The plus sign indicates the unit’s lives, the fist shows its damage in hand-to-hand combat, and the rifle shows its firearm damage.

To upgrade any unit’s stat you have to spend resources. In some cases, upgrading a stat requires research first, which means you need to spend a certain amount of research data or skip the research step by spending credits.

The maximum level to which you can upgrade a stat depends on the level of your Genetic Module. 


For each type of soldier there is a set of combat equipment that grants a bonus to all three of the soldier’s upgradeable stats and lets the soldier use new skills. Equipment sets are always active. 

 After you purchase an equipment set you can still upgrade your soldier as described above. You can also upgrade the equipment itself by purchasing upgrades that improve the unit’s hit points or short-range and long-range attacks.

Aside from ordinary units, you also have access to mercenaries, who are rare, battle-hardened warriors with unique abilities. Use your mercenaries wisely!

To get mercenaries, build a Mercenary Base and buy them for resources and credits. You can also obtain squads of mercenaries during special events. 


The higher the level of your Mercenary Base, the more types of mercenaries you are able to purchase.

As the story continues, you will also obtain access to special units called Heroes.

Heroes are much stronger than ordinary units. They have special combat capabilities and are not expended when deployed. You can use Heroes up to five times in 24 hours, deploying them whenever you want to any point on the mission map.

To hire and upgrade heroes, build a Bar. 


Heroes’ stats can only be upgraded for credits. Just as with ordinary units, the maximum level for Heroes’ stats depends on the level of your Bar. 

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