What are Events?

Game Events

In addition to the main storyline, Under Control also features additional story missions available in the so-called Events which are held in the game on a regular basis.

In fact, each of these events is a separate story you can actually take part in.

Participating in these missions can grant you a significant amount of in-game rewards, including elite mercenaries, rare sets for your infantry and vehicles, or unique specialists that can dramatically increase your army’s effectiveness.

Each of these events consists of 2 phases, each 7 days long — the preparation phase and the active phase.

During the preparation phase your aim is collecting special items which are given for victories in main storyline missions and PvP fights. The more of these items you manage to gather during the preparation phase, the more unique goods will be available for you to purchase during the event’s active phase. On top of that, you can also get a number of one-time rewards while collecting the special items.

With the beginning of the event’s active phase a whole new location will open up on the world map, featuring all the event missions you can complete. Completing each of them will grant you a certain amount of the special currency which can then be spent in the event shop to purchase unique mercenaries, vehicles, specialists, support units and other rewards.

And finally, remember that an active event adds additional quests to the missions screen. Completing those will grant you additional goodies.

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