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  • Where can I get Starfall?
    Starfall is a unique spell available during special events or as a reward for completed missions and competitions. It cannot be obtained any other way.

  • How do I get contracts for my heroes?
    Contracts are rewarded when you rank up. You can also buy them with rubies. You can see how many contracts you currently have in your inventory.

  • Other than leveling up my avatar, what else can I buy with spirit stones?
    You need spirit stones to level your avatars and also Temple Guard abilities (available on Temple Isle once you've joined a clan). You also need them to hire new guards.

  • When do I get spirit stone rewards for my ranking within my clan?
    You receive spirit stone rewards at the end of each clan season.

  • Do the Sauna and Fortuneteller’s buildings unlock at a certain rank? Or do I have to spend social network currency to buy them?
    Currently, these buildings are only available in certain special offers.

  • Can I build 2 Mini Quarries (or similar buildings)?
    These buildings are unique. You can only build one of each. You can only obtain them in special events or as competition rewards.

  • Are the traps I buy to defend the Temple one use only?
    No, the traps are reusable. They can also be leveled up.

  • What does it mean to hire Temple Guards?
    You can hire Temple Guards to defend temples on Temple Isle (available once you've joined a clan).

  • How do I complete the Gift for the King quest?
    Visit the Dungeon Brawlers group and look for posts with gifts. "Like" the post, share it with your friends, and follow the link provided in the relevant message. The gift will then be sent to you automatically. Gift messages are posted twice per day. Simply complete the above actions 5 times total to complete the quest.

  • How do I give my friends blueprints?
    Log in to the game and find the Daily Bonus button (in the middle of the top of the screen). The final daily bonus item is Send Out Blueprints. The Complete button by this item takes you to a friend selection screen. From there, you can send blueprints to your friends.

  • When I upgrade my equipment, does the upgrade apply to all heroes or just unlocked ones?
    The upgrade applies to all heroes, both locked and unlocked.

  • What are these things I'm finding... clothes for heroes or something??
    These are designs. You need them to create common equipment to improve a hero's stats. Common equipment will break eventually, but the design stays good forever, so you can always use it to make new equipment.

  • How can I change my character's outfit?
    Enter your castle, go to the Profile tab, and select the hero you'd like to modify. When you press the hero you want, you'll see information about him or her, including available outfits. Press Equip to equip the outfit you want to this hero. An outfit is a permanent item. It gives your hero a bonus even when it's not currently equipped.

  • Where can I buy enchanted equipment?
    Enchanted equipment is only available as a competition reward.

  • What mercenaries (other than Porkus and Scrounger) are sold for Black Marks?
    Only Porkus and Scrounger can be purchased with Black Marks.

  • I recruited Porkus and then used him. How can I hire him again? It says 'warrior hired.'?
    Each mercenary available for purchase with Black Marks is only available once per day. Wait until the daily counter resets to buy another Porkus.

  • If I buy mercenaries with rubies, will they be permanent, and can they be leveled up? Or are they for one use only?
    Mercenaries purchased with rubies are not permanent. They are consumed when used in battle. Sometimes normal Porkus and Scrounger mercenaries show up in the list of heroes you can buy with rubies.

  • What if I level up the guards and avatar in my clan, then switch clans? Will my leveling progress be saved, or do I have to start from scratch?
    All of your leveling progress is saved, but if you switch to a lower-ranking clan, higher-level skills will be locked until the clan reaches the required level.

  • We created a clan but the game won't let us fight other clans. Why?
    Make sure that your clan has at least five members — that's the minimum amount of players needed in order to start fighting in clan wars.

  • If I have an avatar, can I take him to battle as a mercenary?
    Yes, you can use avatars in battle, but they can only be summoned once per hour, and only once you've accumulated a certain amount of Rage in the current battle.

  • How do I summon an avatar into a battle?
    You can summon an avatar to battle just like you summon a mercenary (even from the same panel), but only after you've reached a certain amount of Rage in the current battle.

  • After I leave a clan, how long do I have to wait before joining another?
    You can join another clan right after, but you can only start fighting in the clan on the next day.

  • Can I give leadership of a clan to any of my clanmates?
    Yes, once you've selected a successor.

  • Why can I only fight in one clan battle and after that have to pay 100 rubies?
    The number of battles you can fight in is determined by the number of ships you can send off on exploration missions. This means that only one battle is available at first. The number of ships available increases with the number of unlocked clan temples.

  • How do I go on adventures?
    Click the map icon in the lower-left corner of the screen to view the game map. Here you can select various missions. Once you've completed all of the missions, you can play them again to get rewards, or you can wait for new quests to be unlocked. Adventures that are part of events can be completed by clicking the Adventure icon when you load the game.

  • At what rank does new territory unlock?
    Click a territory to view what rank it unlocks at.

  • When I use ships to scout enemy temples, are they gone for good?
    No. When you send a ship out to scout and it returns to your kingdom without any battles, the ship is not lost.

  • How do I get Black Marks?
    Once per day, a number of marks based on the results of ranked battles drop in your in-game mail where you must pick them up. The 24-hour timer is located on the championship panel, which you can see by clicking the Rating icon.

  • Where can I see how much my Tavern is earning per hour?
    You can click the Tavern to see the current timer and amount of gold earned. Note that the timer shows the time remaining till next gold production, not the amount of gold produced per hour.

  • How many sets of blueprints can I get from my friends each day?
    Each day you can get up to 20 sets of blueprints.

  • Are avatars for one use only?
    No. Unlike mercenaries, avatars are permanent. However, they can only be used once per hour.

  • Are Black Marks only used to recruit mercenaries?
    Black Marks can be used to hire mercenaries, but they can also be used to level them up.

  • How do I control my heroes?
    Heroes move about the field on their own and don't need your direct control.

  • How do I hire a guard? These quests don't explain how.
    First join a clan and go to Temple Isle. Then, go to the Guard Tower to hire guards.

  • How do I join a clan?
    You can join a clan by submitting a clan join request. To do this, click the Clans button in the lower-right corner of the screen and select a clan. You can join a Clan once you reach rank 5.

  • I can only complete 3 missions a day?
    No – you can complete an unlimited number of missions, as long as you have enough of the Food resource.
  • Why do I now have to use more food to take part in tournaments and enter dungeons?
    The amount of food required to enter tournaments and dungeons depends on the player's rank.
  • Why do heroes with lower health pools (archers, mages, etc.) keep attacking enemies on the frontline instead of staying behind the warrior?
    Such situations might occur when a mage or an archer deal with their current target faster than a warrior. This is possible due to the fact that heroes with lower health pools tend to deal more damage overall. To prevent such things from happening help your warrior deal with his/her targets faster, for example by using spells. Also, keep in mind that our developers constantly work on improving the AI of heroes to make such issues less frequent.
  • Where is the friends screen?
    It's located at the very bottom, under Inventory and the other buttons.

  • When will my name 'Newbie' be changed?
    'Newbie' is your title. You can get a new title in a competition, by earning certain achievements (the Achievements tab in the Ranked Battles window), or during an event. Once you've received a new title, you can switch to it from your profile.

  • If I buy additional ships during clan wars, will I be able to use them always?
    No, the ships bought with rubies are regular and will dissappear after you use them to attack an enemy temple. If you don't use them they'll dissappear by the end of the day. Using additional ships can make your clan a winner by scoring additional banners.
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