Equipment & Outfits

Equipment is a semi-permanent status buff available to be equipped to a hero. Equipment is built on base of an equipment blueprint (please note that they are different from the normal blueprints). They can only be acquired from reward chests in daily tournaments, and as sets in rare offers. To check available equipment blueprints, go to the Great Forge.


Choose a hero you are interested in and click their icon. The number at the lower right corner of their icon is amount of the equipment built / amount of available equipment blueprints. You will see all the available equipment pieces and blueprints on the right side of the Great Forge tab.

Grey equipment is unavailable until you find a blueprint; equipment with a green frame and meter next to it is currently equipped equipment; equipment on scrolls are equipment blueprints you have yet to build.

Once created, equipment is automatically equipped until it breaks. Equipment wears out and breaks if you constantly use this hero in battles of any kind. You cannot unequip it, but you can repair it, using blueprints and materials.


Your heroes also have Enchanted Equipment: it can only be acquired from reward chests in daily tournaments. It has limited time of use so make sure to pick wisely!

Outfits are a whole different type of equipment that you can find at the Castle when you click at your hero’s information icon.

You can click between outfit pictures and equip any of the available ones. Whether it is equipped or not, it still gives you a permanent boost to your hero’s statistics. Outfits are available to purchase during various events and offers; they don’t wear out and break, so you don’t need to worry about fixing them. You can not get an outfit by collecting all pieces of normal or enchanted equipment.


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