Flash is not supported but I want to keep playing Under Control!

If you wish to continue playing Under Control, please try one of the dollowing options. 

Var 1. Installing Maxthon browser

  • delete all flash-related software from your PC and reboot afterwards
  • click this link to download and install the Maxthon browser 
  • log into your account at
  • when the game lauhcnes, you will see the message stating that the Flash-plugin is not installed.
  • click the Install button in the message to allow the browser activate flash. 
  • once done, reboot the browser and engage into battles!

Var 2. 

If you use Google Chrome, clear the browser cache and change the date on you PC to an earlier one (e.g. 2021.01.03). Then try to launch the game and allow flash manually. How to do it




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