Resource Production & Town Buildings

Read here to find lots of useful information about your town’s buildings and resource production.

Inn, Dating House, Gambling House, Tavern.
These buildings produce gold.


Quarry, Mine, Sawmill.
These buildings produce resources and special items for collections in the port.

Mill, Fishing Pier, Farm.
These buildings produce food and special items for collections in the port.

Magic Grove, Mysterious Grotto.
These buildings produce magic dust and special items for collections in the port.

Production buildings have special statistics, such as:

  • Production – the quantity of resources this building produces each hour.
  • Storage – the quantity of resources this building can store. As soon as the building’s storage is full, production will stop.


You can also upgrade those buildings by using blueprints to up those stats and get rare items you can exchange in Port for goodies. Don’t forget to click the buildings to collect the resources and fill our stocks!


Other town buildings

In the Castle you can see all of your important hero information, your titles and achievements, general profile and clan information. You can hire heros in the Castle.

Each hero lives in his own Hero’s house. Here you can find detailed information about the hero’s abilities and stats.

You can always upgrade your heroes’ statistics and skills at the Craftsmanship Guild. You can also buy Relics at the Craftsmfnship Guild. Relics are rare but very useful items that boost your heroes’ stats. Buying a Relic will give a bonus to all heroes of the corresponding class.

You can create and upgrade spells at the Alchemists Guild.

You can obtain a potion gun, its upgrades, and potions and their upgrades at Theo Yen’s personal laboratory.

Note: The potion gun is only available to players level 10 and up.

Collect the items you find on your adventures to get a reward at the Port!

The Arcantarium is a special structure that lets you produce Rubies.

The Great Forge is where you can create and repair Equipment for your heroes; it also stores your Enchanted Equipment.

The Mercenary Camp is a place to hire Mercenaries. You can read more about them here.

Warehouse, Barn, Treasury, Moon Hut
These buildings are required in order to increase your maximum resource, food, gold and magic dust storage capacity.

Temples are located on the clan isle; they are houses of Avatars (link). You can check avatar’s stats and abilities there, as well as upgrade them.

Guard Tower
Located on the clan isle, Guard Tower gives you information on the Temple defences and how you can improve them.

Unexplored territories
The game currently has several closed areas which will gradually become available as territorial expansions.

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