Resources & Consumables

The game has a variety of useful resources: gold, food, materials, and magic dust. You can easily produce all of these in your town.


Food is produced at the Farm, Mill and Fishing Pier, and stored in your Barn. this resource is used to enter tournaments, dungeons, competitions, and event maps.
Materials are required for building and upgrading town buildings, as well as for strengthening heroes at the Craftsmen’s Guild and building their equipment at the Great Forge. You can get materials at the Sawmill, Quarry, and Mine.
Magic dust is required in order to buy and upgrade spells at the Alchemists’ Guild. Magic dust is also needed in order to purchase and upgrade potions at Theo’s Laboratory. Magic dust is produced in the Magic Grove and Mysterious Grotto.
Gold is a pivotal resource in your kingdom; it is available at the Inn, Dating House, Gambling House and Tavern. You will use it to strengthen heroes and defenders of Temples.


Blueprints are one of the most important resources in the game; scarce and valuable, they are given as a reward in some quests. You can also receive them from friends!
Contracts can be received once you reach a new rank; if you want to hire a new hero, make sure to collect at least 3 of them!
Soul Gems are currency of the Clan Wars, and you can only receive them by actively participating in your Clan’s activities.
Rubies are most rare in-game currency. You will sometimes find them in quest rewards; Arcantarium also produces a certain share of rubies every few hours. Rubies can be received as a part of Clan battles, for completion of the achievements and, finally, Competitions and Events.
Black Marks are used when you want to hire mercenaries. You can win them in daily tournaments.
Books Of Knowledge are used to upgrade potions at Theo’s Laboratory, and spells at the Alchemists’ Guild.
To resurrect your heroes, you need Life Stones. They are frequently found in the dungeons as rewards.
You can use Goblets of Recovery to heal heroes’ wounds. Just as Life Stones, they are often found in the dungeons.
Dungeons are made of multiple levels. If you’re having trouble on one of them and want to return to your Town, you can always place a Portal on the current level so that you don’t have to start over from the beginning.

You can read more about production buildings
here. All of the resources and consumables can be bought for rubies or picked up from daily gifts at the community page. You can also exchange collections at the Port to stock up on them.

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